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Nomads Apartment- Our Story!
Nomads Apartment- Our Story!

The inception:
The concept of studio apartment is still new for Nepal. The idea of having to sleep, eat, cook and take shower under the same roof and inside a single room, here in Nepal one might say are you crazy! Although nowadays it’s gaining momentum over the capital of Himalayan kingdom of Nepal, but very few Nepalese have really enjoyed the freedom of experiencing life in a studio apartment. Thus, we thought why not have studio apartments for those who are staying for temporarily a bit longer than a traveller, targeting those who are interns at INGOs, NGOs, universities and even some entrepreneurs. Not forgetting our NRNs, who are here for a month vacation or so, but don’t want to pay hefty tariff from Star hotels. For NRNs who have been habituated to a certain system of living abroad, now Nepalese way of living might scorch them a little. Late night clubbing, broadened drinking and smoking cultures etc these are not yet easily accepted at Nepalese house, where almost all times mom and dad make rules. Considering all these, we came along with an idea to address these needs, an idea of independent life in Kathmandu for locals, foreigners and NRNs- an idea of Nomads Apartment.

The essence:
Nomads Apartment has been established to meet the purpose that a hotel can never fulfil, a freedom that a Nepalese home won’t allow, a sense of independence that every Nepali needs and a rich life that all human should follow. At Nomads Apartment we have focused on ecological richness to life than materialistic luxuries. You will never find luxury couches, huge closet and bed made from chopped trees, smooth fine leathered sofas et.al inside our apartments. We are proud to announce that we have admired the ideology of “Veganism”, and all of our apartments are 100 % vegan friendly. Our furnitures are all made from bamboo and cane, a wonderful alternative to conventional wooden furnitures. Our experiment of using these bamboo and cane furnitures also met the responsibility to enhance optimum usage of ecological materials. But the best part to that came when all of our furnitures were hand crafted by our local manpower. This has provided us an immense sense of composition to our Nepalese society, where almost every single one is leaving abroad looking for employment and better studies. We are thankful some skilled craftsmen are still here in the market. Not only this, dinnerwares, bowls, mugs and cups et.al were ordered for customisation from the local market. All ceramic goods that we have introduced in our kitchen are made in Thimi, by Thimi Ceramics, and customised for Nomads Apartment, retailed by Sana Hastakala. Sana Hastakala is a Free Trade registered handicraft organisation of Nepal, where they retail hand crafted goods, provide required trainings to conventional crafting method and even export to market of US, Australis and Europe. No wonder the goods that we have introduced inside of our apartments are the best and export quality. These efforts to create a unique ambience where you get to live an European lifestyle yet all Nepalese flavoured tools indeed serves the essence of Nomads Apartment. The bed our guests will sleep on, the chairs our guest will sit, the table to place a laptop, all beautifully crafted by local craftsmen and customised by Nomads Apartment to meet our purpose. We would like to boast here a little that while at Nomads Apartment you will be drinking coffee from a cup that was made from the soil of Nepal and designed beautifully by local entrepreneur who is saving the economy at the same time generating employment to local manpower who has never been to school. Indeed not everyone gets to eat with silver spoon but neither with bronze spoons from our apartment that has been beautifully crafted locally. So, putting it to simple and short, we have tried our best to incorporate local manufacturers and retailers while decorating our interiors and filling up our apartments. This ambience has become the essence of Nomads Apartment.

Thus, we are not just regular apartments providing you a room with bed, closet and kitchen. You can feel our ambience when you are here. Welcome to Nomads Apartment- Just feel home already!



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