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Nomads Apartment- Our Story!

The inception: The concept of studio apartment is still new for Nepal. The idea of having to sleep, eat, cook and take shower under the same roof and inside a single room, here in Nepal one might say are you crazy! Although nowadays it’s gaining momentum over the capital of Himalayan kingdom of Nepal, but very few Nepalese have really enjoyed the freedom of experiencing life in a studio apartment. Thus, we thought why not have studio apartments for those who are staying for temporarily a bit longer than a traveller, targeting those who are interns at INGOs, NGOs, universities and even some entrepreneurs. Not forgetting our NRNs, who are here for a month vacation or so, but don’t want to pay hefty tariff from Star hotels. For NRNs who have been habituated to a certain system of living abroad, now Nepalese way of living might scorch them a little. Late night clubbing, broadened drinking and smoking cultures etc these are not yet easily accepted at Nepalese house, where almost all times mom and dad make rules. Considering all these, we came along with an idea to address these needs, an idea of independent life in Kathmandu for locals, foreigners […]

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