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We are 100% Vegan friendly !

At Nomads Apartment, we haven’t installed anything that comes out from animals during our interiors and exteriors. Our apartments have cane-furnitures while our cushions are made out from cottons. All linens are from plant based, thus no leather, feather, wool or silk were ever used to come up with final designs. Thus, we are proud to have arranged all our units 100 % vegan friendly.

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Nomads Bistro and Garden Lounge (opening soon)

Nomads bistro will focus on healthy home made dishes and few exotic non-alcoholic drinks. Our prime focus is on taste and health consciousness at reasonable prices. We are currently experimenting on few local dishes, salads and some tasty warm dishes. We are also working on DIY garden lounges from scratches we are getting our hands around.

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Be Local ! Buy Local !

Of course! It is always a good idea to use what is found in the locality. For Nomads Apartment, we have also thought from the very beginning that we will support and use our local products as far possible and practicable. Thus,
1) The bamboo-cane furnitures
2) Dinnerwares
3) Flatwares
4) Cushions
5) Bed sheets, linens
All these items, we have put in our apartments are made and sold from local markets. We believe that local supply chain, if maintained, helps us to get even more better products as well as creating local job opportunities.

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